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Length (Imperial)

33 ft

1000 ft

Length (Metric)

1 m

1000 m

Mikado - starboard bow view

Registered, built 1904 by Fife, William & Son, Fairlie

GLANCE - underway. Port side.

Registered, built 1894 by Luke, W G & Co, Hamble

BLOODHOUND at sea, starboard side view

Registered, built 1936 by Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Gosport

starboard side view

Registered, built 1938 by Mattiesen & Paulsen, Kiel, North Germany

BLACK ADDER under sail, starboard side view

Archived, built 1927 by Berthon Boat Co Ltd, Lymington

AURELIA - sailing off the coast of Harris 2009

Registered, built 1952 by Hay & Co Ltd, Lerwick