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Length (Imperial)

1 ft

1000 ft

Length (Metric)

1 m

1000 m

Registered, built 1937 by Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Southampton

Jean side view

Archived, built 1932 by Dickie, A M & Sons Ltd, Bangor

UNDINE - enroute to Loch Ness. Starboard side.

Registered, built 1897 by Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Southampton

ST JOAN - underway, starboard side

Registered, built 1929 by Brooke, J W & Co Ltd, Lowestoft

 SIGRID OF CHELSEA - 25 August 1992, at Salterns Marina. Port bow looking aft.

Registered, built 1925 by Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Gosport

Archived, built 1942 by British Power Boat Co Ltd. Hythe

RAKE'S RETREAT- Starboard side.

Registered, built 1934 by Thornycroft, J I & Co Ltd, Hampton

Flashing Stream - undergoing restoration

Registered, built 1917 by Spinks & Ferguson, Chatham

Trevora  at sea, port side view

Registered, built 1938 by Silver, James A Ltd, Rosneath