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Length (Imperial)

33 ft

1000 ft

Length (Metric)

1 m

1000 m

MV Guide - starboard quarter

Registered, built 1954 by Miller, James N & Son Ltd, St Monans

Cariad sailing

Registered, built 1904 by Rowles, E C, Pill, near Bristol

Jolie Brise - under sail

Registered, built 1913 by Paumelle, M, Le Havre

ALPHA - off west coast of Skye, 1996. Starboard side amidships, under sail.

Registered, built 1904 by Liver and Wilding, Fleetwood

Madcap - when owned by Commander John Burfield and berthed in Chichester

National Historic Fleet, built 1875 by Davis & Plain, Cardiff

CHRISTINA LYNN - under way. Port side.

Registered, built 1924 by Worfolk Bros, Kings Lynn

Olga undersail, after her restoration

National Historic Fleet, built 1909 by Bowden, J, Porthleven

Hirta in poor condition at Gweek

Registered, built 1911 by Slade, J & Sons, Polruan

Kindly Light being restored at Gweek - starboard side view

National Historic Fleet, built 1911 by Armour Brothers, Fleetwood