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EXPLORER - alongside Leith Docks. Starboard quarter.

Registered, built 1955 by Hall, Alexander & Company Ltd, Aberdeen.

FLYING FOX - stern from port quarter looking forward.

National Historic Fleet, built 1914 by Crichton & Co, J, Saltney

In dock

Registered, built 1946 by Lytham Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire.

Registered, built 1942 by Robinson, Leo, Tewkesbury

Gondola - underway on Coniston Water

Registered, built 1859 by Jones and Quiggin, Liverpool

Janet - starboard side.

National Historic Fleet, built 1892 by White, J Samuel & Co Ltd, Cowes, Isle of Wight

John H Amos - starboard view

National Historic Fleet, built 1931 by Bow McLachlan & Co Ltd, Paisley

Kerne - leaving Liverpool Museum, going to Birkenhead dry docks with SEAPORT ALPHA

National Historic Fleet, built 1912 by Montrose Ship Building Company Ltd, Montrose.

Kingswear Castle - working on River Dart

National Historic Fleet, built 1924 by Philip & Son, Dartmouth