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Length (Imperial)

33 ft

1000 ft

Length (Metric)

1 m

1000 m

Maidie - leading the field

National Historic Fleet, built 1904 by Collins, Ernest & Sons (Wroxham) Ltd, Wroxham

port side bow view

Registered, built 1912 by Crampton, J T, Portsmouth

Doris - when she was launched

Registered, built 1930 by Brooke, J W & Co Ltd, Lowestoft

The Kent in Chathjam

National Historic Fleet, built 1948 by Richards Ironworks Co Ltd, Lowestoft


Registered, built 1937 by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Woolwich

Sheemaun - port side view

Registered, built 1935 by Noble & Co, James, Fraserburgh

Evening Flight on a mooring, port side view

Registered, built 1939 by Wood, Herbert, Potter Heigham

Archived, built 1951 by Camper & Nicholsons Ltd, Gosport

Schalime II - port bow

Registered, built 1939 by Hornby, H & B Co, Wallasey