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Length (Imperial)

33 ft

1000 ft

Length (Metric)

1 m

1000 m

OWL - bow view


Registered, built 1928 by Yarwood, W J & Sons Ltd, Northwich

H.M.S Elfin Starboard bow 3/4 - hms elfin.jpg

Archived, built 1933 by White, J Samuel & Co Ltd, Cowes, Isle of Wight

The Brothers - summer 2011

Registered, built 1935 by Laird, James, Bangor, Co. Down

Elizabeth Simpson - port bow

Registered, built 1889 by Beeching Brothers, Great Yarmouth.

starboard side view

Archived, built 1945 by Unknown

sail, port side

Registered, built 1908 by Collar, Whitstable

CAPRELLA under way - starboard side

Registered, built 1943 by Groves & Gutteridge Ltd, Cowes

Meridies moored in Southwold

Registered, built 1937 by Silver, James A Ltd, Rosneath