Racing Yacht built 1920 by Simms, Unknown

On display

Watson Class Lifeboat built 1962 by White, J Samuel & Co Ltd, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Submarine Lifting Ship built 1887 by Campling, C, Goole

RAF 1262 - starboard side view

Admiralty Pinnace built 1942 by Walton Yacht & Launch, Walton-on-Thames

The King  bow facing

Saloon Launch built 1905 by Bathurst, C, Tewkesbury

MMS 191 - bow from starboard quarter looking aft. Ref: 96/3/6/33

Minesweeper built 1939 by Unknown

LV14 - port side

Built 1954 by Philip & Son, Dartmouth

ML 293 - port side.

Fairmile B built 1941 by Dorset Yacht Company, Hamworthy, Poole

Fairmile B built 1943 by Anglo-American Nile Tourist Company, Cairo