Marsh Volunteer Awards

This year National Historic Ships UK and the Marsh Christian Trust  will present separate Volunteer Awards for an individual volunteer and a group of volunteers, who have made significant contributions to the conservation or operation of historic vessels in the UK.  These Awards are an opportunity to recognise and thank outstanding volunteers. A Prize of £500 will be given to an individual volunteer, and a Prize of £1000 will be given to a team or group of volunteers. These Awards are supported by the Marsh Christian Trust and can be spent as the winners choose.

Our new award is for an individual volunteer or a group of volunteers who have made a significant contribution to an historic vessel through engaging the public. This can be through marketing or promoting the vessel, or through educational programmes that reach a wider audience.   A Prize of £500, also supported by the Marsh Christian Trust, can be spent as the winner chooses.

All Awards will be presented at our prestigious annual Awards Ceremony in the Autumn.


How to enter

Entry commences on the 1 May 2017. Complete the online application form and submit by 31 August 2017.
Printable versions are available on request, please call us on 020 8312 8558.

Entries will be judged by an expert panel.

Who can enter

  • Any individual or group of people who work on a voluntary basis in direct contact on an historic vessel on the National Register of Historic Vessels, or conservation project, can be nominated. A vessel owner cannot be nominated for conservation work they have carried out on their own project or vessel
  • The voluntary work must have a focus on conservation, skills or vessel operation, or engaging the public. This must be clearly outlined when completing your application.
  • The awards will be presented to the volunteer(s) and not to a vessel or organisation.  Entries must focus specifically on the achievements of the volunteer(s) and examples must be provided.
  • Volunteers who are part of the National Historic Ships UK team may not apply.
  • Please note that volunteers can only apply in one category.

Please note: The Volunteer Award is not open to vessel owners as they have a direct interest in the vessel concerned and therefore cannot be considered as volunteering for their particular project.  At the discretion of the office any submission that has not provided a comprehensiver statement as to why the voluneer(s) deserves this award will not be considered. Each  application requires at least one image.

Judging criteria

Applications will be judged against the following criteria for all Awards:

  • Working on historic vessel conservation project.
  • Developing traditional and conservation skills for historic vessels
  • Contributing to the operation and maintenance of historic vessels.
  • Engaging the public through marketing, promoting and educational programmes.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Judging will take place in September 2017.