Who we are

Council Members:


Henry Cleary OBE

A former senior civil servant , Henry is a Board Member of  the Boiler and Engineering Skills Training Trust  and a Director and Trustee of the Maritime Heritage Trust. 


Mark Dunkley

A maritime archaeologist, Mark works in the Programmes and Maritime Designation Team at English Heritage He also champions and leads the integration of maritime and coastal heritage in the process of Better Heritage Protection.

john kearon

John Kearon

John is a Master Shipwright and marine draftsman, formerly the Head of the Department of Maritime, Industrial & Land Transport Conservation, with National Museums Liverpool.  
 Captain David Newberry

Captain David Newberry

David served as an engineer in the Royal Navy both at sea and ashore, before becoming Captain of HMS Warrior  1860 and Chief Executive of the Warrior Preservation Trust.

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landing strake:

the strake between the binding strake and the top strake