Butty built 1936 by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Woolwich

Designated ensign Designated house flag



Cargo Vessel

Narrow Boat



Private use

Private Use












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6.98 feet (2.13 metres)

71.44 feet (21.79 metres)

4.75 feet (1.45 metres)



ANGEL is a narrowboat butty, built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Ltd. (GUCCCL) by Harland & Wolff Ltd. at Woolwich. She was launched in August 1936 and operated under fleet number 211 and Grand Union gauging number 12613. Her British Waterways number was 79620 and she was registered as number 538 at Coventry on 28 January 1937. Her hull is built of steel plate and riveted and her bow is pointed.

ANGEL was built as a pair with ALDGATE, but entered service with ALTON in 1937 at Coventry. She was operated by the GUCCCL until 1947, then both vessels passed to the British Transport Corporation, before being transferred again to Midland & Metropolitan and latterly the Colne Valley Carriers. Due to maintenance and repairs, the boats were occasionally separated, but were finally re-united in 1994 by their current owners.

The vessel is in full working order and was re-bottomed in 1992. She has carried a variety of cargoes including coal, timber, beer, concrete, medical supplies, boat trailers, marquees and a prefabricated building. In 1995, ALDGATE and ANGEL were part of a thirty-one boat flotilla that crossed the channel (on a ferry) to promote British Waterways in Flanders, Belgium.

Subsequent Developments

  1. April 2011 No longer paired with ALDGATE (cert 1607). Source: vessel owner, April 2011
  2. February 2013 Vessel paired with BADSEY, based at Hillmorton Locks, Oxford Canal. Source: vessel owner, Feb 2013

Key dates

  1. 1936 Built by Harland & Wolff, Woolwich
  2. 1937-1947 Operated by the GUCCCL and pair with Aldgate
  3. 1948 Tranfer of ownership
  4. 1991 Re-united with Aldgate
  5. 1995 part of a flotilla to Beguim to promote British Waterways
  6. 2007 Grant given by NHS-UK
  7. 2011 No longer paired wiht Aldgate
  8. 2013 New ownership and paired with Badsey


  1. Financial year April A Sustainability Grant of £3000 for remedial and protective work was made from the Strategic Development Fund of National Historic Ships to ALDGATE and ANGEL
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hawse eye:

tubular metal fitting in the bows of a vessel through which the anchor cable passes