Sidewinder Trawler built 1961 by Brooke Marine, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft

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22.25 feet (6.78 metres)

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MINCARLO, a near/middle distance side-fishing trawler, was built by Brooke Marine at Oulton Broad in 1962.  She fished until 1975 and then two years later in 1977 she was converted for service as a rig stand by vessel.

In 1984 her name was changed to PUTFORD MERLIN, but she undertook the same duties.  At 28 years old, she became redundant once again and was eventually saved from the scrap yard.  Putford Enterprises sold her to the Lydia Eva Trust in 1991 to ensure her preservation as a classic Lowestoft trawler of the 1950-60s.

MINCARLO is believed to be the last side winder fishing trawler to be built in Lowestoft, with immense importance to Lowestoft's Fishing Heritage and off shore oil industry history.

Previous names

  1. 1984 – 0Putford Merlin

Subsequent Developments

  1. December 2011 At the grand old age of 50, MINCARLO is looking much better than for a long time and about to move into the spotlight. After a thorough survey in dry dock, a detailed report of workn need to restore her to her former glory has been produced. It is likely to be followed by the launch of an appeal for £200,000+ in 2012 to compelte the refurbishment. Earlier this year MINCARLO underwent cosmetic repairs by Small & Co.and so was able to open her doors to visitors on Lowestoft's seafront over the summer. Then, in September, she underwent a full hull survey. Other minor works were carried out to the hull, together with inspections of the propeller, rudder and steering, and sea inlet valves. Source: Friends of Lydia Eva & Mincarlo, Dec 2011
  2. September 2012 Small & Co. are finishing phase two of the refurbishment, which features a survey of the main engine, including the crank shaft and pistons. Phase three will involve checking auxiliary engines and other associated equipment and should hopefully start of the summer season. Source: Friends of Lydia Eva & Mincarlo, Summer 2012

Key dates

  1. 1961/2 Vessel built by Brooke Marine, Lowestoft, Suffolk
  2. 1977 Vessel converted for service as a rig stand by vessel
  3. 1984 Vessel name changed to PUTFORD MERLIN
  4. 1991 Sold to The Lydia Eva Trust, which then became The Lydia Eva & Mincarlo Charitable Trust


  1. 1997 Classic Boat The Mighty Zulu


  1. September 2014 A Sustainability Award of £1000 for work on the mizzen mast, was made from the Strategic Development Fund of National Historic Ships
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a rope, chain or iron collar which attaches the yard to the mast but which allows vertical movement