Sheffield Keel built 1924 by Scarr, Henry Ltd, Hessle

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Sheffield Keel


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14.66 feet (4.47 metres)

62.46 feet (19.05 metres)

3.61 feet (1.10 metres)



EDEN is a Sheffield keel, built by Henry Scarr Ltd of Hessle, East Yorkshire in 1924 and launched on 23 March that year. She was built for John Hunt & Sons of Leeds and was named HUNTS-EDEN. She was used for carrying cargo until 1998. EDEN was constructed as a sailing keel, but was later converted to power and, in 1946, a three cylinder Ruston & Hornsby, thirty brake horsepower engine was installed. She sank in the Ouse in the 1960s and was lifted out by Lincoln & Hull Marine. This was the same company that was to restore the hall and fit a keelson at the end of 1999. She was purchased by Earnest V. Waddington in 1969 for the sum of £102. He renamed her EDEN and used her to ferry steel beams from Goole to Rotherham. EDEN has a steel hull, with riveted lap seams. Her current engine is an inboard Lister HA3, with three cylinders and thirty-eight brake horsepower, made in 1968. She still has her chain plates, although the old deck fittings have been cleared off. The bottom of the hull has been doubled.

Previous names

  1. 1924 – Hunts-Eden

Subsequent Developments

  1. September 2011 New Pekins Sabre M135 engine fitted. Mast and re-rigging planned for main square rig and bowsprit and mizzen for coastal passages Source: Owner

Key dates

  1. 1924 Built by Henrey Scarr Ltd of Hessle, Yorkshire as a Sailing Keel (Sheffield Keel/Square Rig) for John Hunts & Sons of Leeds and named Hunts-Eden to carry general cargo including steel bars
  2. 1946 Re-engined with a diesel internal combustion 4 stroke engine
  3. 1963 Sold to Max Rooke of Leeds
  4. 1965 Sold to Herbert Moxon of Hull
  5. 1967 Sold to L Cremer-Evans who renamed her ‘Eden’
  6. 1960s Sank in the River Ouse
  7. 1999 Refloated and repaired by Lincoln & Hull Marne of Hull
  8. 2011 Sold to present owner
  9. 2015 Vessel thought to be in good condition in Goole, Yorkshire undergoing conversion to a Live Aboard Boat
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landing strake:

the strake between the binding strake and the top strake