Aguila Wren

Liverpool Class built 1951 by Groves & Gutteridge Ltd, Cowes

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Liverpool Class


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10.52 feet (3.21 metres)

35.48 feet (10.82 metres)

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AGUILA WREN was built in 1951 and part-funded as a memorial to Wrens lost in the torpedoing of SS AGUILA in 1941. She served at Aberystwyth from 1951 to 1964 and, after a refit, she was transferred to Redcar in 1965. In total, she was launched 53 times and saved 38 lives. She was sold to Scunthorpe Sea Cadets to become a training ship in 1973. After some 20 years, AGUILA WREN was sold again and became a diving vessel at Tyne Dock. In 2004, she was purchased and put into storage with a view to restoration.

Subsequent Developments

  1. July 2011

    RNLI bowflags have been reapplied, together with vessel's original station name 'Aberystwyth Lifeboat'. Her original navigation lights, removed twenty years ago, have been tracked down to an owner in New Zealand. They will be acquired and refitted. Source: current owners.

  2. May 2011

    Following the securing of a generous grant from National Historic Ships, restoration of Aguila Wren has made significant progress with the fore mast restored and a new mast tabernacle made from scratch and galvanised, the two old scrap engines removed, the engine room cleared of sludge, scrubbed with detergent, repainted and fully restored and replacement engines obtained, and the helm and transmission system re-installed. A new for'd sampson post has also been made from scratch and installed. The race is now on to complete Aguila Wren in time for proposed exhibition at The London Boat Show at Excel in January 2012 but much remains to be done including the manufacture of gunwale seating port and starboard and the restoration of the engine room bulkhead. Source: current owners.

Key dates

  1. 1951 Built as a lifeboat by Groves and Gutteridge of Cowes Isle of Wight
  2. 1951/1954 Served as Aberystwyth lifeboat
  3. 1965 Transferred to Redcar after refit
  4. 1973 Became a Sea Cadet training ship at Scunthorpe
  5. 1993 Sold and became a diving vessel at Tyne Dock
  6. 2004 Sold and put into storage with a view to restoration.
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a single pin or one of a pair rising vertically from the sheer and acting in a variety of ways to provide a fulcrum for the oar