Joseph Soar

Watson Class Lifeboat built 1962 by White, J Samuel & Co Ltd, Cowes, Isle of Wight

Designated ensign Designated house flag



Service Vessel


Watson Class Lifeboat


Private use









Inboard diesel





11.00 feet (3.35 metres)

13.50 feet (4.12 metres)

47.00 feet (14.34 metres)

4.50 feet (1.37 metres)



JOSEPH SOAR is a Watson Class Motor Lifeboat of timber construction with twin Gardner diesel engines model 5LW. She was built by J Samuel White of Cowes, Isle of Wight in 1962 and placed on service at St Davids in 1963; in 1985 she was transferred to Dunbar and in 1988 transferred to Shoreham Harbour.

She was withdrawn from service in 1990 and sold out of service in 1992. Throughout her life with the RNLI JOSEPH SOAR was launched 135 times and saved 135 lives.

She is now based in Northern Ireland as a private leisure craft.

Key dates

  1. 1963 Lifeboat placed on service at St Davids Lifeboat Station. First operational launch took place on 5 October
  2. 1964 Vessel named on 19 May by the President of the RNLI, HRH Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
  3. 1976 Cabin was modified to become inherently self-righting. Radar was also installed
  4. 1978 Coxswain William Thomas Morris awarded the RNLI's Bronze Medal for rescuing seven people from the Royal Naval tender MFV7 on 11 March.
  5. 1981 Coxswain Frederick John awarded RNLI's Bronze Medal for rescuing three men from stricken tugboat VERNICOS GIORGOS in October.
  6. 1985 Vessel was withdrawn from service at St Davids. The station was temporarily closed while a new boathouse was built. She was eventually replaced by the Oakley Class lifeboat RUBY & ARTHUR REED on 10 December
  7. July 1985 Vessel was placed on service at Dunbar as their temporary station lifeboat
  8. November 1985 Vessel carried one of the longest services in the RNLI's history rescuring three people from the Norwegian gas tanker INGA THOLSTRUP, which had run aground near Inchkeith. JOSEPH SOAR returned to Dunbar 91 hours after being called out.
  9. 1988 Withdrawn from Dunbar in August and placed on service at Shoreham Harbour in September
  10. 1990 Finally withdrawn from the RNLI's fleet in September.
  11. 1992 Sold in October and received a Civic send off from the Mayor of Poole and other dignitaries after 27 years of service
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thole pin:

a single pin or one of a pair rising vertically from the sheer and acting in a variety of ways to provide a fulcrum for the oar