built 1870 by Fielding & Platt Ltd, Gloucester

Ensign House flag


National Historic Fleet

Service Vessel

Inspection Launch


Private use

Private: operating








Steam compound


Water Tube

Historic Steam, Kew



To be confirmed

10.49 feet (3.20 metres)

53.97 feet (16.46 metres)

3.51 feet (1.07 metres)



One of the oldest powered vessels in the country, SABRINA was built as the inspection boat for the Gloucester and Berkeley Ship Canal. It is thought that the interior of the vessel was fitted out by the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Works. She was used for the company's annual inspection of the canal and for various other official duties, as well as by the directors for private parties. In 1942 she was sold after 72 years service. She was then used as a leisure boat until 1948 and moored at Apperly on the River Severn. She was sold and moved to Diglis Basin, Worcester in 1948. After the war she was converted to diesel and with the addition of a bow cabin travelled by sea from the River Severn via Lands End to the London area. In 1975 SABRINA was discovered at Rickmansworth on the Grand Union Canal where she had been used as a houseboat for 20 years from 1955 to 1975. Her name at this time was SABRINA FLUMEN, the Latin name for River Severn. Purchased by doctors Scott and Hilary Pereira, SABRINA was restored to her original external appearance and to steam propulsion. In 1995, SABRINA was sold at the Henley Auction to the current owners, who are continuing the restoration and maintenance of this historic boat whilst using her regularly on the middle reaches of the Thames.

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Previous names

  1. Sabrina Flumen

Key dates

  1. 1870 Built as inspection boat for the Gloucester & Berkeley Ship Canal
  2. 1942 Sold into private ownership after 72 years of service
  3. 1955 Moored at Rickmansworth as a houseboat
  4. 1975 Purchased by Scott & Hilary Pereira
  5. 1995 Sold at the Henley Auction
  6. 2012 Based at Temple Lock Island just above Marlow
  7. 2012 Vessel selected for  Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on 3 June 2012


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  2. 1995 The Sunday Times Take to the water with sales of the riverbank
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copper fastened:

a vessel whose plank fastenings are of copper rather than iron