Terms and Rules

1. Applications

Please note: Grants cannot be made retrospectively

  • Applications must be made online
  • It is a requirement that applicants must have read and identified the relevant conservation process set out in our conservation manual Conserving Historic Vessels to their project.
  • A full breakdown of costs is required with the application for any grant. This should include the estimated cost and breakdown of the training or project.  Quotes cannot be in an email format, unless provided to us directly from your potential contractor.  Please note:; If you are applying for a sustainability grant,  we do not provide funding towards fuel costs, insurance or mooring fees.
  • Only those vessels that have been registered for at least a year will be eligible for a grant.
  • All applicants should state their timescale.
  • For sustainability awards where the project involves physical works, the application should include photographs indicating present condition and plans and drawings of the proposed scheme. Each application will be assessed on its own merits. National Historic Ships UK will be looking for evidence that proposed projects bring good value for money.
  • Applications must be able to demonstrate they have the capacity to com[plete the work successfully.
  • Evidence must be provided to demonstrate sufficient match-funding to complete any projects partially grant-aided by National Historic Ships UK.
  • One of the key criteria for vessels to be registered on the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV) is that the vessel is permanently based within the UK. Therefore, any grant awarded is subject to the vessel remaining in the UK. In the event of a vessel being sold abroad within a year of receipt of the grant, the vendor will be responsible for returning the grant to National Historic Ships UK.
  • Grant recipients wil be required to submit a short annual update in order to help us keep the inforamtion on our database accurate.
  • You can only apply for one grant per vessel per financial year ( which runs from April to March).
  • If the vessel is put on the market, we reserve the right to withhold the award pending confirmation of the outcome of the sale. If the vessel remains for sale, we may withdraw the award after a nine month review from the date of first notification.
  • Successful applicants must undertake to promote their project through local media. National Historic Ships UK will provide a downloadable press template and logos to be used by successful applicants when informing local media of their project.
  • VAT cannot be claimed as part of your grant award.

Applications deadlines are set out in the schedule below:

Closing date

Decision made by

1 June

1 July

1 September

1 October

2 January

1 February

Any grant application received after these deadlines will be considered in the following grant review period except in exceptional circumstances.


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