Simon Stephens

Simon Stephens

is the Curator of the Ship Model and Boat Collections at the Royal Museums Greenwich. He looks after and researches the large and varied collection of ship models at the National Maritime Museum, ranging from the small craft of the 17th century to the modern container ships of today.


Den Phillips

is an established Marine photographer from the UK based in East Anglia. She specialises in photographing Classic and Traditional Boats, their surrounding seascapes and the characters involved on and around the waterfront. Den works predominantly in black and white, and these atmospheric black and white images capture the grace of these beautiful craft and illustrate the passion with which Den produces her art.


Christian Topf

He has also been involved with many maritime related activities, including fisherman; 4 years before the mast on a tall ship involved with environmental issues, alternative technology and education; traditional boat restorations; art editor at Classic Boat magazine; books for National Historic Ships, Working Sail and others. He is also an associate lecturer at Falmouth University.


Ash Faire - Ring

is currently restoring the sailing barge Growler in Norfolk.  He was educated at Greshams' school and completed his A levels there in June 2019. He is aiming to have Growler under sail again in the early summer and will be joining the sail cargo movement by using her to transport goods around the UK. Ash's long term plan is to join the Navy as a warfare officer


Steffan Meyric - Hughes

is editor of Classic Boat magazine and author of Circle Line: around London in a small boat. He was once described by The Daily Mail as ‘whimsically philosophical’ meaning his heads is in the clouds. He has been part of a failed Fastnet campaign and put two yachts aground over the years. He started taking photos in the mid-90s with a Pentax K1000. 

Tracy Clarke

Tracey Clarke-Sullivan

is a media strategist, wordsmith, broadcaster, event producer and presenter.  Her media production company, Event Broadcast, specialises in event production, radio broadcasting and news syndication from live events. Other diverse work has included acting as a press officer for an expedition (Ascend the Nile), producing and presenting Royal visits, commentating for the Crufts “Best in Show” and sitting as a strategic communications advisor on crisis management teams


Paul Atterbury

lecturer, writer and broadcaster specialising in the art and design of the 19th and 20th centuries. He has a particular interest in the history of transport and has written a number of books about railways and canals. He has been actively involved in maritime preservation through being a patron of the Daniel Adamson Trust.