Our Shipshape Network East project Wind, Tide and Oar is seeking suitable venues to screen their new film of the same name, an exploration of engineless sailing. 

The film will premiere at the National Maritime Museum on 23 April 2024, alongside an exhibit onboard the 1869 tea clipper Cutty Sark and a book launch.  The Sea-Change Sailing Trust's engineless sailing barge Blue Mermaid will then embark on a 3-month sail training and screening tour, departing from Greenwich, with the film screening onboard in 10 East Coast ports. 

Simultaneously, they are seeking venues to screen the film throughout 2024.  The film, in post-production, will run circa 1h 20m.  Exhibition: 4K digital, Stereo.  The screening fee is £150. Reduced fees for charitable venues may be negotiated - please get in touch to discuss.  A post-film discussion/Q&A can be arranged either online or in person, to further engage the audience.

About the Film:

Wind, Tide and Oar is a compelling exploration of engineless sailing and the lives of those who navigate the seas without relying on auxiliary power. Shot on 16mm analogue film over three years, it follows a diverse array of traditional boats, delving into the rhythms and motivations of sailing engineless. 

Director Huw Wahl takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey across rivers, coasts, and open seas, spanning the UK, Holland, and France. The film serves as a contemplative space, addressing themes such as ecology, mental health, heritage, traditional skills, and maritime history. 

Using a 1960s hand-wound camera, Wahl offers a poetic and intimate perspective on the ancient craft of harnessing the wind for travel, creating a stark contrast to the contemporary issues of sea exploitation and pollution. 

Wind, Tide and Oar invites deep reflection on our relationship with the natural world, where sailing becomes a place to explore our interaction with and responsibility to the environment. It immerses audiences in a thought-provoking experience that informs our understanding of sustainability and the world around us.

About the Director:

Huw Wahl, a filmmaker and artist, has earned international recognition, winning awards and showcasing his work globally.  With funding from organizations like The Henry Moore Foundation, Arts Council England and the RPS, he explores the transformative potential of creative action through the material qualities of moving images, driven by his belief in film’s power to open experiences and ideas for communal change.

CONTACT: huwwahl@gmail.com +44 (0)7843103838 www.windtideandoar.com 

Read more about Wind, Tide and Oar, one of our Shipshape Network East projects. 


Person standing on sailing boat at sea, silhouetted behind the sail. Zone East