About The Golden Hinde
The Golden Hinde at sea (c) The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde was launched in 1973 and is a full-size replica of the Golden Hind, an English galleon launched in 1577 and best known for her privateering circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake. 

The original Golden Hinde was the first maritime museum and on display in Deptford, London for almost 70 years before she was broken up.  The replica was built in Appledore, Torridge, using traditional skills and has spent most of her life being on show to the public.  Like the original ship, she has also circumnavigated the globe.

Golden Hinde in London
Golden Hinde replica in London

Conservation Project

Since the launch in 1973, The Golden Hinde has sailed over 100,000 miles, with a full circumnavigation, and two more Atlantic crossings to its name.  In 2017, knowing that the necessity of a major conservation project was looming, a full survey was commissioned and the marine surveyor confirmed that the ship was a solid build and it would last well into the future, providing a rigorous routine of regular conservation work was adopted.

The team's plan is to replace "like for like", returning Golden Hinde to the condition when launched.  This results in tasks taking longer and costing more, but with such a stout little ship displacing 300 tons, anything less would be an insult.

They anticipate the refit taking a further two years and thereafter there will be an ongoing plan to conserve her into the future.  The anticipated total cost is around £1.5million.

In addition to the refit, the team are poised ready to build a new visitor centre in the dock.  This will enable them to expand their educational activities and also to create a collection of Drake artefacts to have on show.

Conservation Work

Golden Hinde - Hold Refit (c) The Golden Hinde
Golden Hinde - Hold Refit

The challenge has been to carry out the refit whilst still being open to the public.  As a totally self-funded operation, it is vital the team carry on delivering the educational programmes and being open to the general public.  The vast majority of costs have been covered by operational income, and they have managed to cover the shortfall so far from other internal sources.

Golden Hinde - rigging
Golden Hinde - rigging

Other challenges have been finding skilled shipwrights prepared to live and work in London and to create a fully functioning wooden boatyard beneath the ship.  Although these took almost a year and half, the refit is well underway with a team of 7 shipwrights at work.  In March 2017, Toby Millinder joined the team as head shipwright and has been working with this small but skilled team, carrying out the work whilst the ship remains open to the public – no mean feat!

The water in the dock was drained to enable the team full access to every part of the ship in need of their attention.  The work list is long and varied, calling mainly on the shipwright and riggers skills. 

Learning & School programmes
Golden Hinde - London (c) The Golden Hinde

The team offer a range of school educational programmes including Living History experiences.  Covering an array of topics from Drake's circumnavigation to the Spanish Armada, their 1-hour programmes and longer workshops explore the history of The Golden Hinde for KS1 - KS4.  Find out more here.

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