The last couple of months have been really varied. Our induction started in Falmouth where we got to know each other and understand what lies ahead for the year. We visited the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth and met the crew there. We also saw various boatyards, including Luke Powell’s yard devoted to building traditional pilot cutters.

From there we’ve been sailing on the Lynher which is a traditional barge of the Lynher river in Cornwall. We slept in hammocks, did small boat handling and were able to rig the crane they would have used for hoisting cargo. We went on to Brixham and stayed onboard the Trinity Sailing Trust’s Provident. We completed qualifications, visited other maritime museums and went sailing on a traditional lugger. A couple of us helped de-rig the mast on Trinity’s Leader and we also brought round Golden Vanity from Brixham to Dartmouth.

Lastly, we spent six weeks at the International Boatbuilding Training College where we learnt woodworking skills (we made our own mallets!), caulking, rope work, splicing, steam bending wood, how to make graving pieces, riveting, and so much more!