Making a complaint about National Historic Ships UK

Making a complaint about National Historic Ships UK

 If you have a complaint or enquiry about National Historic Ships UK, its operations, its publications or its website, please either:

  • write to National Historic Ships UK, Park Row Greenwich London SE10 9NF, marking the envelope for the attention of the Inquiries Officer
  • or email with "FAO Inquiries Officer" in the subject line.

Please include:

  • your telephone number
  • your address
  • details of the complaint
  • details of any attempts already made to address this complaint.

We will investigate complaints and inquiries submitted anonymously, but would prefer to inform the instigator of the complaint of the outcome of the investigation.

We may ask for further information.  If we request documents please do not send originals as we cannot guarantee their safe return.

Please note, we are not a regulatory authority for historic vessels and we can only deal with complaints and inquiries regarding National Historic Ships UK, its advice to statutory bodies and others, the conduct of its staff and the content of its publications and website (including issues of copyright).

How we will deal with your complaint or enquiry

National Historic Ships UK will:

  • investigate all complaints and respond to all enquiries
  • treat you with respect and discretion
  • not disclose your identify without permission, unless legally obliged to do so
  • acknowledge all correspondence and respond within a reasonable period
  • advise you of the outcome of any investigation.