National Historic Ships UK and the Marsh Christian Trust are offering three awards this year to recognise the significant contribution volunteers make to the conservation or operation of historic vessels in the UK. 

The awards celebrate an individual volunteer (with a prize of £500), a group of volunteers (with a prize of £1000) and lifetime achievement (with a prize of £500).  These prizes are supported by the Marsh Christian Trust and can be spent as the winners choose.

All awards will be presented at our prestigious  Virtual Annual Awards Ceremony which will take place on the 10 November 2020 at Trinity House in London.

How to Enter

Entry commences on 1stJuly 2020.

Complete the online application form and submit by 24th September 2020.

Entries will be judged in October 2020 by an expert panel nominated by the Marsh Christian Trust and National Historic Ships UK.

Please note that any data supplied within your submission may be held by National Historic Ships UK in perpetuity for archive purposes and kept on our electronic record system which is only accessible by authorised staff. Details of the winners and nominees of the awards will also be shared with The Marsh Christian Trust for judging and promotional purposes and held as a historical record of the award if you are successful. 

Who can Enter

Any individual or group of people working on a voluntary basis on a historic vessel on the National Register of Historic Vessels can be nominated. A vessel owner cannot be nominated for conservation work they have carried out on their own vessel.

The voluntary work can apply to all aspects of caring for a historic vessel including: front-of-house; customer care; online promotion; engaging the public; fundraising; as well as the practical skills of conservation, maintenance and operation.  This must be clearly outlined when completing your application. At least one image should accompany the application.

Please note if you are entering more than one category, a separate application must be made.

The awards will be presented to the volunteer(s) and not to a vessel or organisation.  Entries must focus specifically on the achievements of the volunteer(s) and examples must be provided.

Volunteers who are part of the National Historic Ships UK team may not apply.

Please note that volunteers can only be nominated in one category.

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