There are no specific funding programmes for the conservation, restoration access and educational programmes of historic vessels but there are an enormous number of trusts and foundations who specifically support conservation and education programmes in general. Many councils have lists of funding sources which support local projects - check your local authority's website. You should also see if there are any Regional Development Agency or European Community programmes into which your project could fall. Many commercial companies also have a charitable arm that may be willing to support you - particularly in places where they have local offices.

The downloadable list of trusts and foundations has been compiled from a number of sources. Some have given grants to historic vessels in the past, some have areas of interest which might include historic vessels, some are just considered worth a try. We cannot guarantee that an application will be received favourably. However, we would like to maintain this list as a useful tool for all historic vessel owners, please let us know where you have had successes ... and rebuffs.

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