Questions to ask when defining the type of replica:

- What was the purpose of building the replica?

    - No original examples of the craft remained

    - To test historical or archaeological theories – for experimentation

    - For sail training, leisure, or commercial use

    - To re-create a specific voyage.

- What information was used to build the replica?

    - Documentary evidence gained through off-ship research e.g. line drawings,

       rigging plans, correspondence, paintings, photographs etc

    - Analysis of the original vessel’s fabric (in whole form, sectioned or deconstructed)

    - Archaeological research

    - Oral history.

- What building techniques were employed?

    - Like-for-like materials (timber, fastenings, fitting, rigging etc)

    - Methods of construction (riveting, welding)

    - Use of traditional / power tools.

- Are there any adaptations? For example:

    - Addition of guardrails

    - Installation of modern navigation equipment

    - Lifesaving equipment

    - Addition of engine(s)

    - Addition of winches / bow thrusters

    - Bigger hull volume

    - Additional bulkheads

    - Internal accommodation

    - Internal systems.

Annabel J