Sadly, EISCA, the charity which administers World of Boats at Eyemouth is going into receivership and the exhibition at Eyemouth is currently not open to the public. As a result of this, Huff of Arklow is currently under administration. 

In summer 2019 it was reported that the vessel was moved out of Mashfords Marine Services in Cremyll, Cornwall and is believed to have been moved to Cardiff via road transport. 


Huff of Arklow Restoration

Huff of Arklow is a rare Flying 30' ocean racer designed by Uffa Fox and built in Arklow, Southern Ireland in 1951. She was the first masthead rig sloop, and the first ocean going yacht designed to plane, based on Uffa Fox's highly successful 'Flying Fifteen' dinghy.  She is built on two moulded skins of mahogany with the outer skin running fore and aft, whilst the inner skin runs diagonally. This gives the vessel its great strength.  Huff of Arklow was also noted for her speed.  On her trip to Iceland in 1960 she recorded a speed of 23 knots and, for that voyage she was awarded the Faulkner Cup, which she won again in 1962 for her trip to the Azores. 

The vessel is owned and maintained by EISCA (Eyemouth International Sailing Craft Association Ltd) in Cremyll, Cornwall.  EISCA preserves and maintains traditional boats who shaped the evolution of yachting.  The Huff of Arklow restoration to her original specifications is a natural step in this process which is aimed at divulging the historical importance of her design and her designer within Britain's maritime history.