The Scottish Maritime Museum's new exhibition Sea Monsters! is an exploration of both the real and mythical creatures residing off the coasts of Scotland as well as those that are believed to lurk in oceans around the world. Art, Science and History will be combined to create a magical and informative journey for visitors and their families.

The exhibition is a fantastical and fun celebration of Scottish legends and maritime mythology showcasing artists from across Scotland and beyond. On display will be development sketches of the Kelpies from Andy Scott’s sketch book, original artwork from Glasgow illustrator and designer Axel Gutapfel, oil paintings inspired by Irvine Harbour and the the legend of Selkies by artist Maree Hughes.

These will be on display with fossils, bones and wet specimens – including the Angler or ‘Monk’ fish which gets it’s name from the myth of the Monk fish – a hideous half man, half fish creature.

Find out about the Selkies from the Northern Isles, with the ability to change from seal to human form. Venture into the deep seas to find what sea monsters exist down below! Catch up with Scotland’s most famous mysterious beast – the Loch Ness Monster!

The exhibition runs until 18 October at SMM's Irvine branch,

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