Declaration of Intent to Deconstruct: National Historic Fleet vessel - North Carr Lightship

Tay Maritime Action (Taymara) announces its intention to deconstruct National Historic Fleet vessel North Carr on or after 5 January 2024 unless any alternative solution is put forward before this deadline.  This decision has been taken due to concerns about its condition and risk of sinking at the present location in Victoria Dock, Dundee.

North Carr was designed by D.A. Stevenson and built by J&A Inglis of Glasgow in 1933 for the Northern Lighthouse Board.  She is of iron and steel construction, riveted throughout.  The vessel hull is largely original, but in very poor condition and has been subject to emergency repairs over the past years.  It is holed below the waterline in a number of locations, each of which has closing plates fitted.  North Carr retains her original equipment including her lifeboats (pending conservation), firefighting gear, engine room generators, compressors, electrical equipment, onboard windlass, internal furnishings and accommodation.

North Carr is believed to be the last remaining light vessel in Scotland and one of only two which served in Scottish waters.  She played a vital role in the Second World War, safeguarding the Arctic Convoys and troop-carrying liners which entered the Clyde.  North Carr is also a memorial to the crew of the Broughty Ferry lifeboat, Mona, who tragically lost their lives in 1959 whilst trying to secure her after she drifted off station during a storm.

Records for this vessel are currently kept by Taymara and the Northern Lighthouse Board.  If no alternative is found and the vessel is disposed, a formal entry will be created for her on the National Archive of Historic Vessels and held, in perpetuity, by National Historic Ships UK. 

Any interested parties requiring further information with a view to providing this vessel with a new home, expressing interest in fixtures and fittings, or sharing further documentary and photographic evidence, should contact: as soon as possible.  An asbestos survey, thickness readings and a photographic survey are available on request.  For more details about this vessel, please view her current entry on the National Register of Historic Vessels, which includes a Statement of Significance.  A video tour of North Carr is also available. It is about 9 years old, but shows what original equipment etc survives, so may be useful for any historic vessels or heritage organisations interested in acquiring the fixtures and fittings. 

Dated: 21.11.23

North Carr Summer 2023 Zone Scotland