Hannah Hurford

Hannah studied History at University  where she developed her passion for maritime heritage. A sailor from a young age, when Hannah was 18  she decided to travel to Australia from Mauritius on a tall ship, and over the years has gained experience on both traditional vessels and yachts. 

'This programme encompasses two of my main passions: history and sailing.'

'When I saw an ad for the SHTP project I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity to develop my interest in the conservation of historic vessels and maritime history. The practical skills that you learn at the International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) in Lowestoft, as well as the opportunity to work for nine months in a maritime museum capacity, was a huge attraction. I knew I would learn the traditional skills required for the practical day-to-day maintenance of a vessel, and have the opportunity to sail and live aboard a traditional vessel. But to also be a part of the continuation of skills and industry is very important to me.'

Now based at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, Hannah is able to explore her interest in different methods of vessel conservation and explore the arguments for and against them. Her placement also gives first hand experience of conservation in a museum environment, including how museums differ in their approaches to conservation.

Read more about the the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the opportunities available here as part of the SHTP 2 project.

Life at the National Museum of the Royal Navy

The National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) is housed within Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and neighboured by the International Boatbuilding College (Portsmouth) and the Mary Rose Museum. The museum will offer SHTP 2 trainees the opportunity to work with different departments including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, conservation projects, archaeological, shipwrights, rigging, curatorial and vessel management.

Latest Blog Post

Keep up to date with Hannah and read more about her time as an SHTP2 trainee.

ALUMNI BLOG SEPTEMBER 2021 - It seems like a long time ago since I was working at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth as a part of my SHTP2 traineeship; helping the riggers, shipwrights, conservators and archivists preserve historic ships like HMS Victory and HMS Warrior. 

SUMMER 2021 ON LYNHER BARGE - Cut to spring of 2021, I was desperate to go sailing again. I’m very fortunate in that I live in Devon and whilst I enjoyed exploring the moors and countryside, I was tired of the lockdown restrictions and of not seeing the sea.

FINAL BLOG Over October I was quite busy! I went to the Museums’ Association Conference in Brighton, which was really interesting and I managed to learn a lot about the museum industry....

UPDATE AUGUST 2019 - Volunteers are absolutely crucial to museum work, so understanding what they want to do and what needs to be done is important

UPDATE July 2019 - This month was our first rotation to another SHTP2 partner. I packed off to London for two weeks to work on Cutty Sark. This was really exciting for me, as I remember visiting the National Maritime Museum and walking past the Cutty Sark, staring up as this magnificent ship rises out of the ground!

UPDATE June 2019 - One of the main projects that I have been helping to organise is going through a huge store with Victory’s old timber and documenting it...We need to document every piece, photograph it and wrap it up correctly. It’s a big task, but one that I’m glad I’m part of.

UPDATE May 2019 - So I’ve had a great week of learning new skills, handling unique objects, appreciating their history and making sure that they are packaged well for another 10 or so years until the next trainee comes across them…

UPDATE April 2019My most recent task has been cleaning HMS Victory’s fore topsail! I think it is my favourite artefact I’ve come across so far here...

UPDATE March 2019 - It's been a really great, very varied month. Thoroughly enjoyed working outside and up masts and gained very interesting and specific skills! What have I learnt? You can do anything with a bit of rope!.....

UPDATE Feb 2019 Hannah's Blog - This month I have been finding my feet a bit more, and have been entrusted with delegating my time throughout the week to focus on my tasks...

UPDATE Hannah's Blog - The last couple of months have been really varied. Our induction started in Falmouth where we got to know each other and understand what lies ahead...