Ship yard specialised in wooden espars. We can repair, restore or build your wood rigging.

Our special wood lathe can turn masts up to 95 feets and 24 inchs. 60cmx30m. A greaty parc of timbers for spars are avaliable: spruce, hemlock, orégon, mélèze. We can do all hollow wooden spars for light weight and very flexible performance.
This shipyard have a design department to produce all plans validate by an marine architect.
Important means are impmemented this year: A new shipyard for outstanding spars dimensions, our spectacular lathe to turn big masts and a great test serie about strenght of the wood, glues, and assembly of framesworks.

We have a delivery system for ALL Europe. Our trailer can tract up to 35m long!

Contact Name Zambaldi Samuel Company Address

ZA Kerran
56470 saint philibert

Telephone +33 630029933 Email Website Comments You can contact our commercial service (english spoken) +33 630029933
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