Matt Gregory
Matt learning to wiresplice during time at IBTC

Matt started to sail properly at his local sailing club after graduating from University. He has previously sailed with the Thames Sailing Barge Trust who own historic spiritsail barges Pudge and Centaur, and gained experience doing maintenance work on Cambria. Following two years volunteering with the trust Matt decided to apply for a trainee placement on the SHTP 2 project, and is now based with Jolie Brise

'I'm looking forward to getting some more experience in blue water cruising and learning more about gaff rigs. I've also been trying to learn celestial navigation from a book for a while now and have made a bris sextant which I hope to calibrate and use'

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UPDATE February BlogOn my first day working in the yard, I removed an edging plank on the coach roof to try and find the source of a leak that was rotting its way into the aft cabin.

UPDATE Jan 2019 Matt's Blog - On New Year’s Day this year I flew to Alicante with friends. We visited Puerto de Mazarrón, where there are a number of fishing boats and a fish market. I was surprised to find that a number of the boats were made of wood...

UPDATE Matt's Blog - We travelled to Falmouth for the first part of the induction, and one of the first things we did was to visit the Maritime Museum’s overflow. It was amazing to see...