Sean Chilton

Sean studied Audio technology with Electronics at the University of Glasgow, and it was during his studies that he became employed by the Clyde Maritime Trust as a part-time Visitor Services Team Member at the Tall Ship - Glenlee. After graduating, he became employed full time at the Trust, gaining an insight into the industry. He took up a summer/weekend job as Skipper of a speedboat tour company and ferry services along the Clyde.

'I was enjoying my newly found “boat-life” and decided that it was time to take this further, either through education or new experiences. I came across the application form for the project through a friend who recommended it to me, and it seemed to tick all of my boxes, combining education with experience.'

Since starting in January, Sean has become involved in many elements of the museums operations, which include an active boatyard, an operational sailing lugger, vessel maintenance as well as curatorial and conservation work.

'I am very interested in gaining a full understanding of a boats life, through the building process, it’s sailing life, and the conservation process. With this knowledge, I can acquire the skills needed to become heavily involved with the industry, and I will have the insight to be able to inspire future generations to become more engaged with the industry and it’s history.'

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UPDATE - Summer 2019 - It has been an incredibly exciting three months as I have taken part in my two rotations as well as continuing my work at the Scottish Fisheries museum. I have also had the chance to go out on day visits to other historic vessels around the country using funding through the HVC course, which has been fantastic

UPDATE - April Blog - April has been a great month for my traineeship. I have had some fantastic experiences this month, including learning lots of practical skills and becoming a lot more confident in my ability and understanding.

UPDATE - March Blog -  Another great month at the Scottish Fisheries Museum!  A lot of new experiences this month so I will give fair warning that this report may be longer that the previous two!

UPDATE Feb 2019 Sean's BlogThis month I have been finding my feet a bit more, and have been entrusted with delegating my time throughout the week to focus on my tasks...

UPDATE Jan 2019 Sean's Blog - The main focus of this month has been to find my feet within the Scottish Fisheries Museum (SFM), and to work on my time management skills so that I can balance the wonderful new opportunities...

UPDATE Sean's Blog - The induction began in the beautiful Southwest of England, where I properly met my fellow SHTP2 trainees...