The Ring Net Heritage Trust was established on 1st June 2015, to protect and promote the ring net heritage. We are currently renovating the ex-ring net boat Shemaron. In 2016 the skiff Wee Dooker was transferred over to the trust.  Plans are in place to work on her over the winter so she has a new lease of life for 2017. 

In February 2016 the Ring Net Heritage Trust was awarded a National Historic Ships UK grant towards work on Shemaron’s hull. This work was carried out and completed early in March 2016.

Goal one: To protect vessels associated with the ring net fishing industry


The trust will restore historic ring net vessels, beginning with the Shemaron, to a historically accurate standard.

The trust will also maintain Shemaron, in order to keep her sea worthy and therefore safeguarding her for the future.

Goal two: To increase public interest and encourage community engagement with the ring net’s heritage


Through working with local museums and heritage organisations we will promote the #heritage of the ring net industry.

The Ring Net Heritage Trust will curate, preserve and display artefacts and information about the ring net era.

We will inform the public about this heritage through enabling public access to a registered historic ring net boat during open days, traditional boat events and visits by interested organisations.

The trust will provide an accessible platform via the internet, the ring net boat #Shemaron, and through partner organisations in order to educate, engage, and encourage interest and participation.

There are many ways you can show your support or get involved with the Ring Net Heritage Trust, see here.


Shemaron to attend the Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival - 14th - 16th July 2017

Over 40 traditional boats from all over the UK are expected to come and visit Tarbert for the Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival. It makes for a great atmosphere, with stalls, live music and other celebrations taking place over the festival weekend. 

Shemaron will be open for viewing and chat at the Tarbert Traditional Boat Festival, 15th & 16th July, with new signage and information about some of the artefacts which adds even more interest to the onboard tour!

The team have been working hard to recreate the feel of an authentic 1950s ring net boat, especially in the fo’c’s’le. The scene has been set, showing where the fishermen went in search for herring and how they passed their time whilst away at sea, among plenty of other interesting facts and stories.