Previous names

  • Nan of Clynder
Certificate no 3672
Status Archived


Function Leisure Craft
Subfunction Sloop
Location Vancouver
Vessel type Sloop
Archive reason Overseas Watch List
Current use Sailing
Available to hire No
Available for excursions No
Info required No


Builder McGruer & Co Limited, Dumbartonshire
Built in 1956
Hull material Wood
Rig Sloop
Number of decks 1
Number of masts 1
Propulsion Sail
Number of engines 1
Primary engine type Diesel
Boiler type


Breadth: Beam
9.30 feet (2.83 m)
6.25 feet (1.91 m)
Length: Overall
39.00 feet (11.89 m)
Tonnage: Gross


NAN OF CLYNDER was built in 1956 and she was Peter Wilson’s second boat. His first boat was NAN OF KAMES Peter sailed her for a number of years and then decided that he wanted to start into racing. His second boat, NAN OF CLYNDER was built at the McGruer Yard at Clynder; hence the name.

His mainstay crew were two men, Joe Dean and Walter Brown. Walter was one of the McGruer cousins and was the rigger and sail adjuster. He was very important in Mr. Wilson’s crew, because he sailed in the six-meters with Willie McGruer, who was the six meter champion prior to the Second World War. Mr. Wilson took a stock cruiser eight meter designed by Mr. McGruer and, steadily over a period of about 12 years, rebuilt the boat, in terms of putting on better fittings, and all of these reflected the incredible technical abilities of his pattern and fabrication shops at Clyde Soot-Blowers.

NAN OF CLYNDER has been raced in Scotland and there are some records of her performance in the Glasgow Herald, Aug 24, 1959. She was also races in the Salish Sea by one of the previous owners Terry and Sandy Moore who were based in Victoria, BC also.

She has always been used as a private sailing yacht and had many owners and there have been many upgrades made to the boat along the years.

In 1965 until 1977 she was owned by Bert & Ruth Smibert, and can be seen as Nan’s owners in the 1966 Lloyds Register of Yachts. They moved to Vancouver Island from UK in 1972 and shipped NAN OF CLYNDER with them.

Between 1977-1985 she was owned by Peter Sargent. He spent their first year fitting her out for local cruising; oil stove, cockpit covers, teak decks, hatches, gimballed stove, propane storage box, boom gallows. Second year they left for Alaska in April and came home in November. On the following year they sailed around Vancouver Island twice, once each way. Peter’s next boat for 25 years was Kennet 11, a 1927 Mathews bridge deck cruiser. Only boat ever to win best boat three times at Victoria classic boat show.

 NAN OF CLYNDER was owned from1985-1986 by Mike & Maureen Smith. They had her for just for few months and found that she didn’t meet their expectations. They sold her to Terry Moore who owned her untiul 2011. In that time she was refitted with a new cabin top based on the original design. Extensive year round cruising and racing in the Pacific North West. He later sold her to her currrent owner in 2011.


Nan of Clynder has always been used as a private sailing yacht. Below is a more detailed history of the owners and the upgrades made to the boat along the years:

If you look at the rudder stock, all of this stuff was machined down in Clydebank. The bottle screws were also machined in Clydebank. There is even an adjustment at the base of the mast which was machined at Clydebank so that the rake of the mast could be adjusted fore and aft when the mast was sitting on the keel post. The very metal stanchions in the doghouse vent the bilge to the outside. The port-hole above the cooking station would never have been tolerated by Mr. McGruer, which you would understand if you had ever been on a trial of a McGruer eight meter into the Garelough and the Clyde. I went on one of these trials when Mr. Wilson’s arch-competitor, Mr. Peter Odlum, was commissioning his newest eight-meter, “Inismara”. When they had come to the end of the trial, he bore the boat off so that, with all the sheets pressed in hard, such as we would be beating to windward, he put the boat to 90 degrees to the wind and watched what would happen. The wind was blowing about 25 to 30 miles an hour.  Owners; Pasi Niemelainen (2011...) Vancouver, BC, Canada; Terry & Sandy Moore (1988-2014) Turkey Head SC, Victoria, BC, Canada; George AH Morrow (1983-1987) Victoria, BC, Canada; Mr & Mrs PA Sargent (1978-1983) Sidney, British Columbia, Canada; Mr & Mrs J Melrose Smibert (1966-1977) Greenock, Scotland; Peter M Wilson (1956-1965) Greenock, Scotland.


Excerts from letter by Laurence Mercer McKingley to Terry Moore, 2001

Key dates

  • 1956

    Built in 1956 for Peter Wilson

  • 1965

    Between 1965-1977 she was owned by Bert & Ruth Smibert, who moved the vessel to Canada

  • 1977

     New owner - Peter Sargent. He spent their first year fitting her out for local cruising; oil stove, cockpit covers, teak decks, hatches, gimballed stove, propane storage box, boom gallows.

  • 1985

    Bought by Mike & Maureen Smith

  • 1986

     Bought by Terry & Sandy Moore, wo owned her until 2011.

  • 1991

    Refitted with a new cabin top based on the original design.

  • 2011

    Purchased by current owner

  • 2018

    Received two new frames in the engine room area.

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