Fischer Panda UK Limited are the UK distributors for Fischer Panda Marine Generators and Hybrid Diesel Electric Drive Systems, HRO and Sea Recovery Marine Desalination Systems, and Climma Marine Air Conditioning Systems.
Generators are available in both AC and DC outports ranging from 3.5kW to 150kW. The generators are generally considered to be the smallest, quietest units available.
HRO are the pioneers of marine desalination systems, with units powered by DC or AC they are the market leader in the pleasure and commercial boat sector.
Climma air conditioning is manufactured by Veco, the same company that makes Frigaboat refrigeration systems. They are the number one manufacturer in Europe and used by many of the top European boat builders.
All three products have good worldwide support systems, Fischer Panda have trained engineers with full workshop facilities and have the capability to fully design, install and maintain all the systems.

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