My most basic service relates to tracing the careers of mariners in British service. This covers the Royal Navy from c.1793 and its reserves as of their introductions to c.1918; the Merchant Service from c. 1835 to c.1972; and those involved in India, whether of the 'Honourable' East India Company, or the various naval local-defence forces, from the 18th century through to 1947.
However, I relish more detailed research, into 'operational' matters: concentrating primarily on seamanship and associated subjects. This can cover anything from investigating coastal collisions of 19th century merchantmen, to analysis of immensely complex Second World War naval operations.
Additionally, occasionally I am called on to look into vessels themselves in a more detailed manner than in the ship classification registers. Typically, I trace their ownership, surveys and consequent changes of build. I hasten to add that I am not a naval architect or engineer though!

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