National Historic Ships UK's Small Grants Scheme offers grants to vessel owners towards conservation projects.  We give grants of up to £1,000 or 50 per cent of the total cost of the project, whichever is the lesser.  Grants are made to vessels on the National Register of Historic Vessels for Conservation management planning; Surveys; and Remedial works demanding specialist and/ or expensive materials.  Our guidance manual Conserving Historic Vessels sets out the approaches we expect to see owners and custodians adopting in maintaining and conserving our maritime heritage.  

The NHS-UK Small Grants Scheme is always oversubscribed, and the Panel has to make some difficult decisions about what we can fund with the money available.  This year, we received more than thirty applications and awarded ten grants.  

The Small Grants Scheme is funded by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, as well as from our Historic Ships Insurance scheme with Winter & Co (Marine) Ltd.  The Historic Vessel Policies are specially designed, and exclusively for, vessels on the Registers.  For each new policy bought or renewed, a percentage will be donated to our Small Grants Scheme, so that money goes back into helping historic vessel owners like you.

The following vessels were supported by Winter & Co (Marine) Ltd:

Dorana (1939 Leigh Bawley, Tollesbury) - £800 for a survey and scheme of work

Dorothy (1899 Oyster Smack, West Mersea) - £800 towards replacement of the rigging 

MV Glenachulish (1969 Passenger Ferry, Glenelg) - £1000 towards replacement of the bilge suction valves

Irene (1907 Coastal Ketch, Plymouth) - £800 towards a new bowsprit net

Southern Queen (1950 Passenger Vessel, Eastbourne) - £600 for a 3D scan

The Golden Hinde (1971 Galleon, London) - £700 towards replacement of the mast

Thalatta (1906 Spritsail Barge, St Osyth - National Historic Fleet)- £400 for waterproof protection and traditional roping

Tollesbury (1901 Spritsail Barge, Faversham) - £500 for construction of a frame for a new cover

William Allchorn (1950 Passenger Vessel, Eastbourne) - £600 for a 3D scan

The following vessel was supported by National Historic Ships UK:

Gamecock (1907 Oyster Smack, Whitstable) - £500 for hull timber

Congratulations to all of our Awardees!

Grant scheme recipients