About Jess

I’m Jess - one of the Seafaring Trainees of SHTP2. I’m so excited and proud to be part of the Shipshape programme. Hailing from land-locked Birmingham, seafaring may seem a bit of an odd choice of career! But I have a real love of the sea and for old wooden sailing boats; and after 10 years in the education sector, the last six of which working alone in a windowless office, it was time to turn my passion into a career.

Jess sailed on Tall Ship Morgenster and has since pursued her interest of traditional maritime vessels having volunteered and crewed Brixham sailing trawler Pilgrim, and pilot cutter Amelie Rose, providing a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to build on over the next 12 months.

Latest blogs

UPDATE JANUARY 2020 - It has been an incredibly busy month, completing many short courses at IBTC from spar making and planking to lofting and pattern making...READ HERE

UPDATE DECEMBER 2019 As our time  continued, we learned many useful joinery methods including Thalvings, mortise and tenons, dovetails and scarf joints. Some were easier than others, but we all had something to show by the end of our time there....READ HERE 

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019 Everything here was new to me, from using a hand plane and a marking gauge to sharpening chisels on a stone wheel....READ HERE 

OCTOBER BLOG - One of the biggest highlights of our time in Falmouth for me was visiting Working Sail - Luke Powell’s boat yard.

Jess Clay