There are currently over 1,300 vessels on the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV).  The database includes details of designer, builder, dimensions, construction, propulsion, service history, current location and ownership, as well as images of many of the vessels.

If you would like to register your vessel, find out if your vessel meets our current criteria Any data supplied when registering your vessel will be held by National Historic Ships UK in perpetuity for archival purposes

For those of you who would like to analyse the NRHV in more detail please download here

Recent registrations

Shontishar Feb 2013 side view

Registered, built 1925 by MacLaren Brothers, Dumbarton

Annanetta - moored

Registered, built 1939 by Bunn, Graham, Wroxham

China Clipper - Nantucket Opera Cup 2017

Registered, built 1962 by Wing on Shing

UK replica list

Port side view, under sail

Replica, built 2009 by Powell, Luke, Gweek

Agnes - under sail

Replica, built 2003 by Powell, Luke, Gweek

Spirit of Falmouth

Replica, built 1984 by Unknown